Utility Mapping

Utility mapping

ClearView Utilities are capable of locating, tracing and mapping of underground services.

Our professional and experienced utilities survey team use the most up to date technology, including Ground Penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic frequency locators, to accurately pinpoint buried utilities across a whole range of locxations.

Professional & experienced teams utilising up to date technology

Cost effective solutions to map underground services

QA checked drawings delivered electronically in a variety of formats

All surveys are provided electronically as an AutoCAD drawing and can be delivered in 2D or 3D formats depending on the clients requirements. A comprehensive survey report detailing the findings on site, identifying anomalies and risks, site photographs to further explain the survey information and manhole detail sheets with measurements and sketches can also be provided.

Specialist Equipment

Utilising the latest GPR and GPS equipment, buried services can be accurately located and traced.

Survey Output

Survey results are provided as an Autocad drawing in either 2D or 3D format.

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