Line and level surveys

Line and level surveys

ClearView Utilities have the capability to undertake line & level surveys on existing drainage networks utilising CCTV units and signal transmitting sondes.

The location of the drainage run is traced above ground using a radio-detection receiver and its position confirmed using GPS. A CCTV survey is also undertaken and a report is provided detailing the structural condition of the pipe runs.

Drainage runs mapped using radiodetection and CCTV equipment

Cost effective and accurate mapping solutions

Variety of equipment used depending on the depth of the sewer

The survey drawings are then provided electronically in a 2D or 3D format on either a topographical survey or OS background and the CCTV report in pdf format.

Accurate Drainage Positioning

Line and level surveys provide an accurate record of drainage position and depth.

Supplementary Survey

To supplement the line and level survey a pipeline condition report can also be provided.

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