PAS128 Surveys

PAS128 surveys

In addition to standard utility mapping surveys, our professional and experienced survey teams are capable of undertaking PAS128 compliant utility surveys.

British Standard PAS128 is designed to give informed confidence in the results of a utility survey and sets out a list of methods by which the survey can be undertaken ranging from the provision of desktop utility plans (PAS128 QL-D), site reconnaissance (PAS128 Ql-C), Physical inspection on site (PAS128 QL-B) & Intrusive inspections using safe excavation methods (PAS128 QL-A).

PAS128 The robust specification for underground utility detection, verification & location.

Surveys tailored to meet clients specific needs.

Cleary annotated drawings to ensure client confidence

The specification provides a menu of survey types, detection methods and quality levels to enable us to provide a survey tailored to a level meeting the clients specific needs.

The method by which the service has been located is clearly annotated on the final drawings to ensure client confidence.

All surveys are provided electronically as an AutoCAD drawing and can be delivered in 2D or 3D formats depending on the clients requirements. A comprehensive survey report detailing the findings on site, identifying anomalies and risks, site photographs to further explain the survey information and manhole detail sheets with measurements and sketches can also be provided.

Method of Detection

PAS128 provides confidence and verification of the survey results by providing specific details on the method of detection.

Final Output

2d or 3d Autocad outputs are available subject to client preference.

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